Open Logic Textbook

Open Logic Textbook

Subject: Sciences, Computer Science

Resource: textbook

Institution: University of Calgary

Resource Developers: Richard Zach, University of Calgary

Date Released: 2016-12-31



The Open Logic Text is an open-source, modular, collaboratively authored collection of teaching materials for formal (meta)logic and formal methods, starting at an intermediate level (i.e., after an introductory formal logic course). It is aimed at a non-mathematical audience (in particular, students of philosophy and computer science), but is completely rigorous. Currently it covers the syntax and semantics of first-order logic, sequent calculus, natural deduction, soundness and completeness theorems, rudiments of model theory, computability theory, and incompleteness. The project remains under continuous development, and we plan to improve and add to the coverage. Additional topics which we have short-term plans to cover are computability via Turing machines, additional coverage of topics in model theory, modal logic, as well as material on applications of logic in philosophy, such as on paradoxes, metaphysics, philosophy of language, and philosophy of mathematics. Some of the material is written specifically for this project, while other material is converted from existing lecture notes. We also plan to add new features throughout, such as a glossary and index, historical notes, and sections covering further reading. Open source editable versions of both files are available here:



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