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  • Intermediate Financial Accounting I and ll OER Tutorial

    Subject: Business and Management, Accounting
    Resource: textbook
    Description: Athabasca University's ACCT 351: Accounting topics include income statements, balance sheets, statement of cash flow, revenue recognition for prfitable and unprofitable construction projects, gross and net methods for sales discounts, receivables, inventory,... Read More
  • Creative Clinical Teaching in Health Professions: Open Access Textbook

    Subject: Health Related, Health/Medical - General
    Resource: textbook
    Description: Athabasca University's evidence-informed teaching strategies for nursing and other health professionals. Includes step-by-step directions for creative, challenging activities that both new and experienced instructors can begin using immediately. ... Read More
  • Microbiology Textbook | CMMB 250 Microbiology

    Subject: Sciences, Biology
    Resource: textbook
    Description: Microbiology textbook designed for use in CMMB 250: Microbiology. ... Read More
  • Course Redesign: Health and Community Development

    Subject: Health Related, Health/Medical - General
    Resource: textbook
    Description: Athabasca University’s Health Administration (HADM) 315: Health and Community Development Course. Course includes focus on community, leadership, humility, cultural sensitivity, and the development of personal and professional characteristics indicative... Read More
  • Open Logic Textbook

    Subject: Sciences, Computer Science
    Resource: textbook
    Description: The Open Logic Text is an open-source, modular, collaboratively authored collection of teaching materials for formal (meta)logic and formal methods, starting at an intermediate level (i.e., after an introductory formal logic course). It is aimed at a... Read More
  • Improving Reading Skills

    Subject: Liberal Arts and Humanities, English
    Resource: textbook
    Description: Workplace Communications textbook accompanied by lesson plans and assessment packs designed for universal delivery of communications courses focused on the diploma-seeking learner.... Read More
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